She's dying to get under your skin...

In a twisted story of co-dependence, a pair of estranged sisters are pitted against each other by a giant, abhorrent leech creature that uses its mind-controlling influence to puppeteer them from the inside out.

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SUCKER reunites the team behind Retch, bringing you a full body experience, using practical effects and a big focus on sound design!



Sam discovers her sister Caitlin has been infested by a monstrous leech creature, that is slowly sucking her life force dry.


Caitlin is reluctant to accept help and the sisters quarrel over how to deal with the parasite. Meanwhile, Sam struggles against the creature’s hostile, telepathic takeover, only to find that she herself has become a host...

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Alix Austin


Keir Siewert


Director of Photography:

Anna Gudbrandsdottir


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Annie Knox as Cailtin

Will the sisters find common ground before it's too late?

It would be unrealistic to say that the film is not meant to be entertaining, but in many ways Sucker was a creative exorcism for me as a Director and Writer: It's personal in subtle ways, building on themes of sibling rivalry, familial guilt and how extreme a situation needs to get before someone asks for help.

The intention of Sucker is very much to give the audience a full body experience: From the sound design invading their minds, down to the practical effects leaving their skin crawling long after they’ve left the cinema.

My hope is that the film will continue to surprise and thrill the audience throughout - and just as they’re getting used to one scenario, it shifts gears again before dragging them, kicking and screaming, to its horrifying conclusion.


And make sure to get that mole checked next time you're at the doctor’s..!

Annie Knox as Caitlin
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Sophia Capasso as Sam
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Annie Knox as Caitlin
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Sophia Capasso as Sam
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The Sucker as Herself
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Sophia Capasso as Sam
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Anyone who sees SUCKER will have seen the title card at the end, which dedicates the film to Marcus Harben, a Mentor & True Friend.

Marcus was a huge horror fan and a dear friend to Alix and Keir, but sadly lost his battle with cancer in February of 2021. He was one of the most generous people, with a cracking sense of humour.

Ever encouraging, Marcus was always game to watch our films and gave some great notes on the SUCKER script in particular, which improved the ending 10-fold.

In Marcus's words on SUCKER: "As someone familiar with their own body horrors right now it struck a strong personal note - I could relate."

Both Keir and Alix were so happy to have worked on Marcus' first feature 'Followers', which premiered at FrightFest 2021, alongside 'Isolation'. A bittersweet experience, as he wasn't there to enjoy it himself.

Sadly Marcus was taken from the world far too soon, but we'll always be glad for the time and laughs we had with him.

R.I.P. Marcus (1974 - 2021)

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Art Director:

Eva-Marie Kung

Lighting Assistant:

Alex Shipman

Sound Recordist:

Michael Chubb

Lead Special Effects MUA:

Sammm Agnew

Special Effects Artist MUA Asst:

Goshka Topolska

2nd Unit Director:

Keir Siewert


Alix Austin


Keir Siewert

Director of Photography:

Anna Gudbrandsdottir

Prosthetics & Creature Effects:

Sammm Agnew

Visual Effects:

James Siewert


Thibault Chavanis


Kurt Schneider

Sound Designer:
Sean McGarrity

Sound Re-recording Mixer:

Natasha Haycocks

Foley Artist

Felipe Bolaño

Chris Francis