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UMBILICAL / Horror Feature Film

An alternative baby shower descends into chaos, when mother-to-be Leena is possessed by her child to murder the party’s attendees.

What was meant to be a big final hurrah for Leena at a secluded lodge, is disrupted by the arrival of her estranged mother. Leena’s mother was invited by her best friend, who is determined for the two women to make amends, much to Leena's distress.

The dissonance in the group turns what was meant to be an incantation to bless Leena's child into a dangerous curse instead. Leena's baby possesses her, controlling her from the inside out, turning her into a murder machine.

After killing her last victim by various creative means the resort provides (quad biking, axe throwing), Leena’s child demands to be born sooner than expected - and a battle to the death ensues.



BLEED FOR ME / Thriller Feature Film

A strange blood disease breaks out in Eastern Europe, causing newly infected Sofija to flee the country with her 13-year old ward.

However, on their way to the promise of safety in a commune of Infected, they run out of blood transfusions. They fall in with a disreputable group who plan to stage a ‘Blood Heist’ at a remote pub in the country, to siphon the patrons blood.

As one of the patrons escapes, a deadly standoff ensues between the locals; one side armed with shotguns and pitchforks, while the Infected hold the patrons hostage.

And then there’s Fraser, the wizened Infected Headhunter to contend with…

One thing is for sure, before the night is through there will be fire, carnage and a hell of a lot of blood.



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JESSE FUNCTIONS / Horror Feature Film

Inspired by Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’, the Switchblade Cinema team shot footage of 20-something Jesse in 2014 in Glasgow - and we’re looking to pick back up with the character in 2024.


Jesse, a 20-something from Glasgow, lives from payday to payday and goes out almost every night. The fun night life and her friends help her happily cruise along, until one day she gets stuck without any alcohol or money to buy any.

We jump forward 8 years where Jesse has just completed her rehab programme for the third time, now living in Edinburgh. However, the mundane drudgery of her new life and chemical imbalance in her brain slowly start to drive her mad, as she struggles to hold onto her sobriety and attempts to mend her strained relationships.

Will she sink back into her old habits, or finally break the toxic cycle for good?


For full slate, treatments, scripts and further information,

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