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KILL YOUR LOVER / Feature Film

"Blue Valentine" meets the "The Fly" in a psychological drama with a punk edge and skin-crawling body horror.

Axel and Dakota are stuck in a toxic relationship, slowly poisoning each other both mentally and physically. When Dakota tries to finally break it off, it causes a violent, physical reaction in Axel that starts transforming him into a monstrous creature with increased aggression, a touch that melts skin and worst of all, he’s contagious...

Things quickly turn sour, as Axel begins to develop into a horrendous creature. He sweats thick goo and sprouts dark veins. Dakota tries to get him to the hospital, but Axel turns aggressive and animalistic at the fear of being left by her.

As the toxicity fully takes hold, Dakota becomes equally infected, as the pair grapple with the remains of their relationship, which threatens to come to a bloody end...

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Jesse, a 20-something from Glasgow, lives from payday to payday and goes out almost every night. The fun night life and her friends help her happily cruise along, until one day she gets stuck without any alcohol or money to buy any.

We jump forward 8 years where Jesse has just completed her rehab programme for the third time, now living in Edinburgh. However, the mundane drudgery of her new life and chemical imbalance in her brain slowly start to drive her mad, as she struggles to hold onto her sobriety and attempts to mend her strained relationships.

Will she sink back into her old habits, or finally break the toxic cycle for good?